About Thandanani (Part 1 of 4)

Thandanani Children’s Foundation is a local initiative. It is Proudly Pietermaritzburg!  It grew out of the concern of a small handful of volunteers for the many (up to 70 ) abandoned children at the Edendale Hospital  who received the essentials of life but no nurture from the harassed staff. In 1989 the work become formalised in an NGO called Thandanani Children’s Foundation meaning ‘to love one another’. Thandanani developed and grew, getting funding to pay its first coordinator Margie Pretorius. This steady development changed dramatically with the 1994 nurses strikes when 63 children had to be placed when the hospital was closed down. 36 of these children were immediately adopted by the families that had taken them in “temporarily” and over the following few months all the others found permanent homes too. What a wonderful ending for to this story for these little ones and what wonderful loving people there are in our Sleepy Hollow. BUT Thandanani realised they needed to find a model that would pre-empt another crisis.

Next time we will look at the unique 3 stage Thandanani model