December Newsletter

The 4 Kids project has now had 2 meeting with fantastic reception. It is proof that there are many engaged and generous South Africans in the Pietermaritzburg area who really want to contribute towards local solutions. New 4Kids Champions expressed their delight at finding a reputable organisation with an excellent track record of successful implementation in which to invest their hard earned Rands

Thank-you for the encouraging e-mails Champions. Here is one exciting response from new Champion Kim, who is referring to the Supporter Packs which each new 4kids supporter receives.

New Picture (12)You can count me in as a champion for Thandanani.

I think you have all the workings for a really good initiative and would love to be part of it.

Some time Debbie I will need a few more of the supporter packs – ours has been unpacked and distributed around the house with much interest and excitement. My elder son thinks the black bag will be a really cool lunch box for school and has already tried a few different packing options. I will put the yoyo in the Christmas stocking – thanks for that. And we have chatted about the blue pig, following my explanation of Thandanani, and agreed it will be here as something we will try to add to when we feel we are very fortunate and want to help others. Again the elder son who has just got a very good deal on some cycling shoes which means he will not have to use all his pocket money saved over the last six months, straight away said he would put in R50 – at R10 a week that was quite generous I thought! The only problem will be keeping the younger one from opening it and removing all the money! I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach them a little about the world right here around

Kind regards,


WOW it really is a very exciting project! It is wonderful meeting such great people and I am so looking forward to seeing how we can grow this project together in the New Year.

Take care,