Imprint for All

Imprint is a clothing brand that combines our innate desire to be of service to those in need with our love for high quality, well-designed clothing. 10% of the proceeds from the purchase of each t-shirt sold will be donated to Thandanani Children’s Foundation.

IMPRINT partners with organisations around the world whose missions are to improve the lives of those in need, specifically youth. For every piece of clothing purchased, Imprint donates 10% of the proceeds to the organisation partnered with that specific piece of clothing.

IMPRINT was founded on the basis that we all have a responsibility to be of service to humanity. There are an incredible number of needs that must be catered to around the world, so why do we focus on the aiding of children? We believe that children are the future leaders of the world and every child deserves to find, embrace, and act on their fullest potential with equal rights and resources for all.

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