Light Up a Kids Life

Consol-Solar-JarAs winter looms, so the days are getting colder and darker. Imagine arriving home from school and having to do your homework by candle light on a cold winter’s night. This winter, 4Kids is challenging you to “Light up a kid’s life” with the purchase of a solar jar or lighting kit. A solar lighting kit consist of a small solar panel, solar powered LED lamps and a battery that can be used to light several rooms in a small house with no ongoing costs. Similarly, solar jars provide a cost effective and portable light source that can be used for cooking, homework or simply to read a book before you go to bed. Both can be charged during the day and will provide several hours of light each night for those families who cannot afford electricity or who have no electricity connection at all. Solar lights are cost effective, use natural renewable energy, are pollution free, are simple, safe and easy to install and provide more light than candles or kerosene lamps and so are easier on the eyes.

If you would like to take up our challenge and “Light up a kids life” this winter – all you have to do is select a donation below, follow the payment process to make your donation and we will do the rest!

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