Meet Lorenza Cowling One of Thandanani’s First 4kids Champions

A 4kids champion is someone who promotes the 4kids individual donor methodology with the aim of increasing the pool of regular donors who support Thandanani Children’s Foundation .  Lorenza Cowling is one of our first champions, having signed on late last year.  Champions agree to try and gain a supporter each month, 12 in a year.  Everyone thought this should be reasonably easy, after all we have friends and family who would not miss R100 every month.  But in fact it has proved much more difficult than anticipated.  Lorenza Cowling is one person who did not let a few disappointments deter her.

For those of you who don’t know Lorenza she is a medical technician who worked for many years at Edendale and then Greys Hospital.  She now works part-time for a private lab doing some of the more complex tests. Lorenza has been involved in supporting Thandanani for many years and has an absolute commitment to improving the circumstances of children.  She is a vivacious sociable person with many friends whom she felt would rally to the cause.  She has been surprised to find that many do not want to get involved. She tells me that some of her dearest and more comfortably off friends have said they “do not have the money”. Lorenza is pretty sure that is not the real problem, she speculates that her friends are all 50+ years old and have all participated in many and various elements of the struggle as well as being  heavily involved in charities. Lorenzo herself was a early Black Sash member, a member of the Liberal Party and a founding member of Rape Crisis in Pietermaritzburg.  Currently Lorenza and her sister support 2 young people, one of whom is now doing brilliantly at Rhodes University. We wonder if some people are now emotionally too“burnt-out” or giving impaired . They seem to be saying “I cannot do any more, I have done enough, I am tired and over committed already. Despite this Lorenza has managed a supporter a month, 5 to date and one person is already in the process of increasing their giving amount!.  Well done and thank-you Lorenza. You are proof that it can be done though we acknowledge it takes real commitment to our cause.