Open Day Invite

dff3b67a-3a00-408e-ad39-faff4078c186You are invited to our Open Day!

As a friend and supporter of Thandanani Children’s Foundation, we would be honoured if you would join us from 8.30 to 10.30 on the occasion of our 2016 Open Day on Friday, 14 October, at Thandanani House (46 Langalibalele Street), where you will be treated to morning snacks; a “Good News” talk by Steuart Pennington; a presentation by Thandanani’s Director, Duncan Andrew, on the recent achievements of the organisation; and the opportunity to browse displays, meet staff and find out more about the work that your support enables us to do 4Kids.


Steuart Pennington

794c5c14-2a87-49b4-bf38-8dc8c241f735Steuart Pennington, the driver behind the website South Africa: The Good News, is passionate about this country and optimistic about its future. As guest speaker at Thandanani’s 2016 Open Day he will share some facts and figures and remind us about the many good things there are to love about this country and its potential future.

As Steuart says, the business of SA: the Good News is to change the narrative out of South Africa and Africa. We believe strongly that news should be balanced, contextual and truthful; that news should inform both the good and the bad, and that news should enable citizens to hold a narrative that informs a positive prophecy of the future. It is our firm conviction that if citizens understand the good they are much more prepared to make a positive difference to the bad.

So please join us on the occasion of our Open Day and let’s celebrate the good news together!