Our Open Day and Annual Report 2016

c56bc893-1996-4a5b-b44a-d39c230b66d1Annual Report

Following a very successful Open Day, Thandanani is proud to release its Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements for 2015-16.

To view or download these please click here: Annual Report, Audited Financials.

And don’t forget to read all about our Open Day in the article below.






dff3b67a-3a00-408e-ad39-faff4078c186Open Day

Friday morning greeted us with heavy drizzle and cold temperatures. Although we need this rain so badly, people are normally prone to staying indoors as much as possible. Luckily this was not the case on the occasion of Thandanani Children’s Foundation’s Open Day.  People adorned their coats and boots and came to join in what promised to be a fun and interesting occasion. Tea and coffee were served to keep those spirits warm and popcorn was popping, filling the air with that delicious scent.

7d5949b6-3096-4e7a-8bb9-840d9ea3f98aThe proceedings started off with guest speaker, Steuart Pennington of SA: The Good News. He spoke how we fail to miss where South Africa has improved over the years and how every year, no matter how small, we seem to keep improving. We are slowly but surely growing in all sectors, political, business, economic, tourism, sport, education, environment, social, infrastructure, health and coming down in the likes of corruption. With so many terrible things going on we forget where our focus should be and completely miss the good.

3dbabf37-1c29-414c-bdef-feacaad886ccFollowed by Thandanani’s Director, Duncan Andrew, who kept the good news going, relaying all the work that Thandanani staff had been a part of this past financial year. Just last year they provided support to 482 families including 1597 children. They administered health education and screening to 27 189 individuals and tested 19 452 for HIV and screened for TB. The positive atmosphere in the room left everyone with that good “fuzzy feeling”, full of inspiration and hope for our country. The good is out there always, we just need to stop focusing on the bad.

The good news continued while handing out Star Awards to those who have been lifetime achievers and supporters of Thandanani. They were Renee Palmer (Old Mutual), Dr May Mkhize, Kim Ward, Jess McTaggart, Mark McTaggart, Richard Stretch, Ian Smith, Rob Haswell, Zanele Maseko, Xolani Mbuyisa, Barbara Khosa, Agnes Mkhize and Jilleth Moyo. A lucky draw was had where attendees won awesome prizes sponsored by Pick n Pay Victoria Road, Hilton Bush Lodge, Protea Hilton Hotel and Sole Salon and Spa.


Steuart Pennington started his “Good News” journey when he wrote a book in 2002 called South Africa – The Good News. It was the first of 10 books and marked the beginning of a new life. He has delivered over 570 talks across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, The United Kingdom, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He believes there are so many untold stories regarding NGOs, one of them being that of Thandanani Children’s Foundation. Since April 2010, they have provided support to over 10 000 beneficiaries through its Family Strengthening Program and has provided health screening and testing services to over 55 000 people in the past five years.