Shop & Give

Here we list ways you can contribute to our work simply by swiping your loyalty card or by buying particular products. This is a very easy way for you to donate to 4Kids without any cost to you – simply swipe your card, fill up on petrol or purchase your favourite health product and become a contributor today!


Thandanani is already listed as a MySchool / MyVillage beneficiary. If you are a regular shopper at places like Woolworths; Food Lovers Market; Engen and many others; please consider getting a MySchool / MyVillage card and linking Thandanani Children’s Foundation as your chosen beneficiary. Each time you swipe your card we will then receive a contribution towards our work with Kids at absolutely no cost to you!

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Litres for Education

A similar initiative is that of Litres for Education. This is a relatively new initiative which contributes 10c per litre to good causes like Thandanani every time you put petrol into your car. Once again, at no cost to you!

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Positive Options

Andre’ van der Hoven Comrie of Positive Options is a local distributor of GNLD health products. She has committed a percentage of all her Pro Vitality + sales to support 4Kids. Pro Vitality + is a daily whole food nutrition supplement delivering the finest nutrients from nature to provide optimum health and fight disease. To find out more about this product or to place an order contact Andre’ at

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Now you can help raise funds for your favorite charity, Thandanani, simply by swiping your Ubuntu Community Card every time you shop at any Boxer Store at no extra cost to you. It is so easy to get your Ubuntu Community Card, simply fill in the attached form and start swiping today!

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Imprint for All

Imprint is a clothing brand that combines our innate desire to be of service to those in need with our love for high quality, well-designed clothing. 10% of the proceeds from the purchase of each t-shirt sold will be donated to Thandanani Children’s Foundation.

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If you have a loyalty program and would like Kids to benefit from it or if you would like to contribute a percentage of your product sales in support of 4Kids please contact Jess McTaggart ( for more information.