Stories from the field – Mrs Dlamini

In one of the households that Thandanani currently supports, Mrs Dlamini* is staying with her 4 grandchildren who are orphans. They are Lucky* (23), Thabiso* (16), Themba* (12) and Snethemba* (10). The three younger children are in receipt of foster care grants which Mrs Dlamini uses to support the family. However, because these grants are the family’s only income, they have not had any money to support Lucky who has been accepted to study a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. As a result, Lucky was walking from his home to the University each day – a distance of approximately 20 Kilometre’s.  However, in February this year, Lucky applied for assistance from Thandanani’s Small Bursary Fund and he now receives a monthly travel allowance from Thandanani.  We hope that this assistance will help enable Lucky to pursue his studies and do well this year.  It is Lucky’s  dream to become a Maths and Science teacher.