Stories from the field – Mrs Mathaba

During a health visit to a household in Slangspruit on 02 August 2013, we found 64 year-old Mrs Mathaba* lying on the bed complaining of painful big toe. Upon examination we discovered that Mrs Mathaba had developed gangrene on her right toe. Upon further investigation she informed us that she is diabetic and on treatment but that she had missed her appointment at the clinic because she did not have enough money for her taxi fare. Thandanani immediately transported Mrs Mathaba to the clinic and she was then transferred to hospital to undergo an amputation of her lower leg. Despite having to have the amputation, Mrs Mathaba is very grateful to the staff of Thandanani for assisting her when she was in need of help. She is now recovering well in her home and attends physiotherapy to prepare her to receive a prosthesis.