Thandanani Staff & Fieldworkers Receive Training in ECD

In anticipation of the introduction of home based Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities in our work, Thandanani staff and fieldworkers have begun receiving training in child development.

Our fieldworkers have now all completed introductory training in ECD concepts and practice through Siphakeme while two staff members, who received bursaries from the Durban Thekwini Education Trust to undertake formal ECD studies through the Caversham Education Institute, are busy completing their first year of study.

We sat down with Mandisa Moloi, Busisiswe Phiri and Nokholiseko Ram and spoke to them about their training; how they feel it has helped and what they have learned.

All three were excited about the training and its potential impact in the work that they do. All indicated that they had a new appreciation of the significance of early childhood and its importance in development. They said they thoroughly enjoyed their training and gained significant insight into child development and how to stimulate children in the early stages of their development. They highlighted the need for patience and the importance of connecting with the child and building a trusting relationship.

In terms of their current work they now feel they have the knowledge and confidence to be able to talk to caregivers about their child’s development and to teach these parents how to positively engage with and stimulate their children. They also said that the relationship with their own children had grown as they now spend more time with them, listening and understanding them.

This bodes well for Thandanani as we begin to introduce ECD activities into our work with families.